Thursday, January 9, 2014

Library Thing

    Do you know Library Thing?  If you don't then it's time to check it out.  Library thing is a cataloging and social network site for book lovers.

   Library Thing can help you do lots of things if you are a book lover. You can enter books you own, books you have read, books you want to read, or create / join a group .

    You can contribute reviews, ratings of books, and add or create tags for books. Participate in members  forums.   Library Thing connects people based on book genres, It is almost like an online book club.

    Library Thing and its members provide recommendations for books.  Type in a titles and you can find  which members have read a book and what they think of it.  If you are ready, you can even go on links and have book conversations.

    If you want to 'talk' there is a page that lists all the groups that cover books or topics you may be interested in, When you talk you can read what others think and also post you what you think about the books or topics.

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