Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Using your To Do List- Managing your list

     Be reasonable when you are preparing both your master list and your daily to do list.  If your list has items like file files, clean your desk, plan for next week, (month, year), you may become frustrated  and resort to not getting anything accomplished.

    Your list should only contain those tasks and projects that you can truly hope to complete within the given time frame of the list.

  One way to avoid frustration is to identify between routine tasks , activities, and projects. Tasks are small items and jobs are done a regular basis. Projects are a bigger  picture in that they have a desired end goal  in mind.

   Most projects ( if large enough) should be broken down into manageable chunks of activities and tasks.  Lets say your Annual Report is due. Some tasks may be collecting data, organizing photos, compiling information from monthly reports, collecting stats from staff members. Each of the those requirements can be placed on your to do list with a competed by date.

    Make you to do list with some goals/finished projects in mind., You may also have routine tasks / activities and then also steps to one or more projects,  This will keep you on track with your larger projects and you will see each  day and week what you have accomplished in then big picture. 

   Remember , your to do list will help you focus and keep you on track. it is a tool , use it that way.

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