Friday, January 31, 2014

Wow Library- Interactive Library Webstie

  WowLibrary is a new tool that can be used by libraries ( Mostly public)   to encourage their readers.  This site  provides libraries  with a weekly email or rss feed  on the library's newest books.   This site showcases the latest arrivals and lets patrons scan through  titles to see what is new.

  Patrons and readers can sign in using their email to see if their library participates in this service.  Librarians who want to have this service can ask Friends  groups or other community groups to sponsor WowLibrary so that users can be in touch with  the latest at the library.  ( The fee depends on the number of patrons affiliated with the library.)

  This service makes the library more visible. The newsletter that is sent out weekly can be customized easily.  It can include links to reviews, previews, and the catalog. It also allows librarians to feature upcoming events and programs.

Check on WowLibrary to see samples of what the weekly email looks like.  The e-newsletter shows covers, descriptions , and ratings. Patrons can visit the newsletter and then link to place items on hold. There are about 20 top choices. The site also directs patrons to additional pages of new items.


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