Tuesday, February 4, 2014

To Do List & Folder System

     I have a new thing I am doing and it seems to be working  really well for me. I thought it might work for others so I am sharing here.  When I revise my The Organized Librarian, I will have to include it. Anyway I am getting tasks accomplished accurately and on time.

      Here is what  it looks like. I take  my to do list ( this is my Master list or it could be  from a daily or weekly list. ( Does any one like weekly lists as opposed to Daily lists?) 

     Back to topic:  From My Master list I take a big project with a due date.   I then take a file folder and put a sticky note on the tab to indicate the name of the project.

     Next comes a piece of lined paper. I will write the steps that need to be completed to accomplish the project. At times I may date a segment to be done by.

   Then each day , I spend time doing something on the list. When the segment/ sections is done I cross it off and go on to the next step.

  I find this system works really well on large projects. I can pullout a folder  and do some work on ti . At the end of the day, it goes in my daily stack sorter. This is where I keep the current projects I an working on ( It keeps my desk neat and my focus on what is needed to be done.
  I have been using this for annual reports, volunteer teas, and  thank you letters.   Let me know your thoughts if you try this- I feel really good about my list when working this way.

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