Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blogging for Libraries- Factors

   When you are beginning a library blog, there are a few factors to consider before starting .  Doing this first planning session will make your blogging easier. Your blog will be tighter and more interesting.

   First of all , determine the purpose of your blog.  What is your focus or main reason for writing and promotion   your blog.

  Secondly, decide who will write the posts, and who will monitor and proof read the entries,  It is a great idea to have several staffers who will contribute to the information and post. That way there is not just one person responsible and  burn out will be greatly reduced.

    Determine which blogging platform you will use. Using a free platform will virtually  eliminate the cost of  to the library.

  Also consider the amount of time that the  staffers will need to write their posts. You might want them to have a specific time to work, or possible just use downtime during the slow parts of the workday.  Determine how many posts per week will be published.  It is a great  idea to have posts waiting ('in the wings') and just have someone go in and publish  on the determined day. ( This is what I like to do- have  a bunch all written and I just publish them on a regular day)

   Finally , begin with a list of specific topics, themes, or article ideas. Any of the staff can recommend  ideas to throw in the "post " pile of ideas.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Read/ Revish Reviews,

 WEREAD is a website that has been produced to assist adults ( Parents, teachers and Librarians)  to encourage youth and children to find the joy of reading and writing.  
   This site is free and one of its goals is to make reading more fun , stimulating, and enjoyable.On the left hand side of the page are links related  articles on reading, links to free  reading sites, book ideas for planning reading sessions, reading skills that students need. a parents group, and a link to reading groups.  
    One of the most helpful links is literacy and parenting resources. This leads to many links that will educate parents  about the importance of reading and writing.
   The best link , I think, is the 'Free Kids Books' .  This leads to sites where student can  actually read books online.

   Revish Review is another site that has great content . On Revish ,users can read and write book reviews, keep a list of books they are reading  Users can also participate in book discussions with other readers and reviewers.  Guidelines to writing reviews are green.  They look for meaningful reviews that help others decide if they will read and like the book reviewed.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Organizing your office - Part 2

    What else can you do to keep your office and workspace organized? Here are a few more ideas to help you keep focused and organized for maximum efficiency. An organized office is very  conducive to getting a lot done.

   Phone Book

      Always keep a 'phone book' of names and numbers of colleagues . Keep this listing close to the phone so you do not have to search for a number when you need to make a quick call.  I keep mine in a listing in a clear plastic page protector. It is pinned on the bulletin board that is where the phone is located.
      I also have this listing on a computer file, so if I need to update some one's number , I can quickly fix the number and print out a new list.
     A similar page I have pinned next to this one, is a listing of teachers and administrators extension numbers. This way I can quickly find a number if I need to call a classroom.
      If you have a speed dial phone, keep your most used numbers on it.  You may also want to keep a printed listing of what numbers you have on speed dial.

    Business Cards

     If you have a collection of business cards from vendors, only keep the ones that you actually do with business with, or hope to do business with.  One way to organize these is in a rotary card file. Other way would be to use a three ring binder, and get a plastic business card holder.  Since I am a big fan of organizing with notebooks this is my favorite way to go.

    You could also scan your cards into a computer file for your desktop.  Just remember to mark it accordingly so that you can find it quickly.

Monday, March 17, 2014


    The slogan for Bookish is Discover More Books!  And you really can on this easy to use site- another Social Media site for Book lovers!

     Type in a book you love and you can get recommendations for other books that you will like to read.   Search for your favorite authors and favorite books.  Read book related articles, exclusive reading list, and video interviews.

     On this site you can also find and search by  genres s, There is a pull down tab with many genres.
You can also discover the newest release on this site.   Also sign  up for their Newsletter which is free and delivered to you email.

     Look at their list of BESTS and read samples of some of the newest books, This site is also a place where you can link purchasing the books that  you want to read.

     I like to browse through and see what are the newest items  that have been published.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Using a Blog to promote your Library

      A library blog ( which can be attached to your website or as a stand alone) , is a great way to continuously promote your libraries ( school, public, academic) resources , services, and event.Blogs can be used on its own or in addition to an electronic or print newsletter.

   There are many advantages of writing a library blog, First of  all the work may be shared , there can be more than one author.  The content of blogs can be archived and search able.

  The best advantage is that patrons and readers can comment and post about the content. There can be posts on book review, events, displays, and musings. There can be pictures of the library and events, and the staff.   A blog forms a community of interested persons.

    A blog posts the information immediately, so you can advertise something new and important. Blog software is easy to use and most of the time free.( Free is great for all libraries!)
The software  makes it easy to change design and layout to keep readers interested.

  So consider why you may want a library blog, who will help with it ( writing's, photos, pod casts) and how often your blog will have new posts.

   More to follow next week, on other factors to consider on having a library blog.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Organizing your office- organizing your files

                      Organizing your office to be more efficient can likely mean polishing up your filing system.     Providing  you have an in basket , you can begin . 
                            As you go through your basket ,determine what file it should go into. Give your files  names that will be  easy to recall  .   I made a listing of my file folders  and what is in each file  drawer so that I do not have doubles  in my cabinets (  see The Organized Librarian book).   Another  good idea would be to make a file index to go in the front of each file cabinet or drawer. This will help  you locate files you need quickly .
                     You may also want to figure out how long you will keep files. If they are dated , then you can easily  look at the items and determine if new material has been inserted and if the old can be thrown. If you do this on a regular bases then  your files will be current ( and not overloaded with outdated materials)
                      Take time each day or week depending on your schedule to go through your in basket.   I have three files into which I mark  :  To Do, To File, Catalogs.
                     I only keep catalogs that I know will be useful or that I will order from. These are kept in a separate file drawer marked by letters. When I file a new one , I throw the old one out unless I have marked some items/ titles for purchase.

                     I also have historical files that I keep for reference. These would be budgets from years past, book requests from staff,  old policy's, handbooks,  old curriculum, and other items that I do not use , but like to keep to refer  to if needed.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Library is a virtual library resource center for librarians, educators and students , or just about anyone looking for accurate information.  Library Spot was created to help librarians and educators and  students  figure out  how to obtain information  more easily . They bring the best sources together so that those who need the information do not have to spend a lot of time searching through  many places to find the right information

  In the left hand column on the main page you will find helpful links. The most helpful is then section called reference desk. There you will see many topics with links . For example under Encyclopedias, Biography, and Almanacs, they give you links to the most accurate and useful sites with that type of information.

  On the right hand side there are grade level links that show both math and English links that will help each grade level.

  Sites featured are hand selected and reviewed  by their editorial teams  for quality, content, and utility. Library spot is committed to help the searcher find  the best information on the internet  in a quick easy  search.

   Check out this site  and see how very helpful it is!