Monday, March 17, 2014


    The slogan for Bookish is Discover More Books!  And you really can on this easy to use site- another Social Media site for Book lovers!

     Type in a book you love and you can get recommendations for other books that you will like to read.   Search for your favorite authors and favorite books.  Read book related articles, exclusive reading list, and video interviews.

     On this site you can also find and search by  genres s, There is a pull down tab with many genres.
You can also discover the newest release on this site.   Also sign  up for their Newsletter which is free and delivered to you email.

     Look at their list of BESTS and read samples of some of the newest books, This site is also a place where you can link purchasing the books that  you want to read.

     I like to browse through and see what are the newest items  that have been published.

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