Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Library Spot.com

   Libraryspot.com is a virtual library resource center for librarians, educators and students , or just about anyone looking for accurate information.  Library Spot was created to help librarians and educators and  students  figure out  how to obtain information  more easily . They bring the best sources together so that those who need the information do not have to spend a lot of time searching through  many places to find the right information

  In the left hand column on the main page you will find helpful links. The most helpful is then section called reference desk. There you will see many topics with links . For example under Encyclopedias, Biography, and Almanacs, they give you links to the most accurate and useful sites with that type of information.

  On the right hand side there are grade level links that show both math and English links that will help each grade level.

  Sites featured are hand selected and reviewed  by their editorial teams  for quality, content, and utility. Library spot is committed to help the searcher find  the best information on the internet  in a quick easy  search.

   Check out this site  and see how very helpful it is!

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