Thursday, March 20, 2014

Organizing your office - Part 2

    What else can you do to keep your office and workspace organized? Here are a few more ideas to help you keep focused and organized for maximum efficiency. An organized office is very  conducive to getting a lot done.

   Phone Book

      Always keep a 'phone book' of names and numbers of colleagues . Keep this listing close to the phone so you do not have to search for a number when you need to make a quick call.  I keep mine in a listing in a clear plastic page protector. It is pinned on the bulletin board that is where the phone is located.
      I also have this listing on a computer file, so if I need to update some one's number , I can quickly fix the number and print out a new list.
     A similar page I have pinned next to this one, is a listing of teachers and administrators extension numbers. This way I can quickly find a number if I need to call a classroom.
      If you have a speed dial phone, keep your most used numbers on it.  You may also want to keep a printed listing of what numbers you have on speed dial.

    Business Cards

     If you have a collection of business cards from vendors, only keep the ones that you actually do with business with, or hope to do business with.  One way to organize these is in a rotary card file. Other way would be to use a three ring binder, and get a plastic business card holder.  Since I am a big fan of organizing with notebooks this is my favorite way to go.

    You could also scan your cards into a computer file for your desktop.  Just remember to mark it accordingly so that you can find it quickly.

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