Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Using a Blog to promote your Library

      A library blog ( which can be attached to your website or as a stand alone) , is a great way to continuously promote your libraries ( school, public, academic) resources , services, and event.Blogs can be used on its own or in addition to an electronic or print newsletter.

   There are many advantages of writing a library blog, First of  all the work may be shared , there can be more than one author.  The content of blogs can be archived and search able.

  The best advantage is that patrons and readers can comment and post about the content. There can be posts on book review, events, displays, and musings. There can be pictures of the library and events, and the staff.   A blog forms a community of interested persons.

    A blog posts the information immediately, so you can advertise something new and important. Blog software is easy to use and most of the time free.( Free is great for all libraries!)
The software  makes it easy to change design and layout to keep readers interested.

  So consider why you may want a library blog, who will help with it ( writing's, photos, pod casts) and how often your blog will have new posts.

   More to follow next week, on other factors to consider on having a library blog.

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