Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Read/ Revish Reviews,

 WEREAD is a website that has been produced to assist adults ( Parents, teachers and Librarians)  to encourage youth and children to find the joy of reading and writing.  
   This site is free and one of its goals is to make reading more fun , stimulating, and enjoyable.On the left hand side of the page are links related  articles on reading, links to free  reading sites, book ideas for planning reading sessions, reading skills that students need. a parents group, and a link to reading groups.  
    One of the most helpful links is literacy and parenting resources. This leads to many links that will educate parents  about the importance of reading and writing.
   The best link , I think, is the 'Free Kids Books' .  This leads to sites where student can  actually read books online.

   Revish Review is another site that has great content . On Revish ,users can read and write book reviews, keep a list of books they are reading  Users can also participate in book discussions with other readers and reviewers.  Guidelines to writing reviews are green.  They look for meaningful reviews that help others decide if they will read and like the book reviewed.


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