Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Early Word. com

   EarlyWord.com is a site for librarians  that will help in collection development and  will also assist them in the Readers Advisory capacity.  Almost each day there are posts on new books coming out, or book reviews  of some of the newest books.  Also included in many post are related video clips.

  I just discovered this  and I am liking what I have found!   The site looks like it will be very helpful in keeping up with the newest and best books for libraries and patrons.

  On Fridays , there is a New Title Radar which alerts librarians to titles that will be coming out the next week.  Books that are recommended are the one that are going to grab the headlines.  Also there is an email newsletter ( I have not signed up for that yet) and book / author news.

  Each week there are hold alerts - which show titles that have long wait list s, titles that are sought after and also information on Media attention to certain titles.

  Of course, there are many lists included in this site.   Just to name a few: best seller lists, list of books made ( or being made) into movies, past best sellers, and awards lists.

  There are lots of features in Early Word.   I really want you to check it out because I think you will find a lot of substantial information here for you to use.

   Other Features:  book previews, major book award lists, publisher contacts, media coverage, and galley chat ( once a month discussion and hot-list- not yet published books)

  Once you get  on there, let me know what you think.

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