Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Library Publicity - Part 2

   Before publicizing your library, find out what products and services your patrons want. Do research on this through surveys, questionnaires , and informal discussions.  While you are in this stage, you also want to find out how your patrons perceive the library.

   Develop goals and objectives bases on your mission, and on the results of research on what patrons want and expect.  Select strateg9es that will help promote  the products and services . You want to find strategies that work best, are affordable, and reach your patrons.

  Create a plan of action that outlines each step needed to carry out the publicity plan.  Publicity and marketing can help you establish a positive image for the library in the community. along with the improved image, Pr and marketing will help patrons to feel a part of the library community and therefore they will become more involved in the library's resources, programs, and events, and special exhibits.

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