Thursday, May 15, 2014

File Cabinets

 Making your file cabinets easy to use!
     At my new position, there was stuff filed in the file cabinets but not in hanging file folders and not in any kind of order.  so it was very difficult to find things quickly. I also went through and got rid of many files and papers that I did not need. I had to make sure what to chuck and what to keep.

    At the public library level , you are required to keep many records at least 7 years.

    So this is what I did. First I took EVERYTHING out.  Then I got a stack of new file folders and new hanging file folders.  I made new folders for almost everything that looked dog eared and ratty.

   Then I  rehung the hanging folders and filed items in ABC order.   I also have a small cabinet in my desk.  I did the same thing.   I made files and got the hanging file folders  and put that in Alphabetical order.

   What a difference! Now I can actually find quickly what I need.  Now as per  The Organized Librarian , I want to make a listing of what is in each drawer so that when I need to find soemthing I can check the list to see where it is located.

  I still have the files downstairs to do but that is another days' job.

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