Thursday, May 22, 2014

Magazine management

   How do you manage your magazines?   How do you keep track of if anything is missing?  There are many ways to do this. One of the easiest is one described in The Organized Librarian ( See under tab for books for sale).

   Now that I am in a public library , my clerks do most of the keeping track and it is one thing I do not have to stress about.  When a title is missing , I just give a call to our magazine supplier and our friendly Allison takes care of it.

 But I do recommend   keeping a listing of what magazines you receive. Now I also like to track how times each title goes out so I can decide if I will reorder when the renewals come up. 

 We bar code each one as we get  a newer one each month. Which means the current month does not go out, but back issues can. 

 Our present magazine rack is not the greatest. But I am hoping that our Friends group will be able to purchase a regular one for us.

 We keep the magazines for a year and then we discard them. We have a "Free Box" where patrons can recycle their magazines. So at times we will place the outdated magazines in their.

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