Thursday, June 19, 2014

Library 2.0

  The library of today is all about library users.  We want to keep the patrons we have  that use our service. But an important goal is to actually seek out those who do not use libraries and it services and attract to show all we can do.

  So we , as librarians, and staff, need to embrace new ideas and technologies that will help us deliver services and involve more users.  What are these new technology's? Many we have discussed here in this blog in the past. They are also found on other blogs and websites.

  Just a few we have yet to explore here : tagging, library catalog 2.0, My space, virtual worlds , and library 2.0.

As I do more research, I will try to  give a review/  summary and let you in on what I am learning. similarly  if you find something great , post a comment here to share!

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