Thursday, June 26, 2014

Virtual Reference- The New Library

   In the 21st century , we  need to develop our library website so that patrons can use it to research information is needed.  We want to provide websites that will entice users to come into the library and use it services.

   Mobile services( blogs, wikis, podcasts, catalogs,  databases)  draw patrons in , announce services, and programs,  and help patrons find answers needed.  Many of our users already are in tune with mobile and online activities  that provide information and reading pleasure.  ( Readers are becoming more and more popular!!)  They no longer rely on the big publishers and print resources for their information needs.  So as librarians , we need to step up and continue to develop our online presence.

  Our mission will remain the same: It necessitates  the fact that our website will be kept up to date and  alive.  The links available will be chosen to attract and keep the patrons happy and interested,

  And then do not forget we can support these developments with program and classes for those patrons who  need to know more about the newest technology!

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