Thursday, July 24, 2014

Benefits of Technology in the Library

   About 40% of American households lack home Internet access.  A study revealed that people using public libraries as their primary source of access to the Internet and a computer.

  With more technology in libraries , patrons have better and faster access.  They can stay connected to families and friends.  Access also provides the ability to explore the vast information of the Internet .

  Local business persons can use the library , and its  resources ( computer access & otherwise ) to develop plans, net work, conduct market research and explore more opportunities.

  Patrons can take online classes to earn certificates and advanced degrees. Students can use test preparation materials  to prepare and study for SAT or GRE tests. Patrons can search the web to provide information  on purchases ( cars, appliances, data on how to do and how to fix and other areas items of interest.

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