Thursday, August 28, 2014

Early Word Part 2

     More on Early Word!  This site is awesome and provides so much great information about the best and upcoming new books.  On the left hand side t, there are so many categories to select from: audio books, book events, books and movies,  fiction lists. ideas to steal, librarians in the news,  non-fiction lists,  to name just a few.

     As always, there are links on the left to the archives for each month.

   Now to the right!  We have links to best seller list which are invaluable to the the busy librarian selecting  reviews and recommendations.  There is also an awards list that will also help in collection development.  There is a Coming Soon section that showcases all the newest books that are arriving in the coming weeks and months.

  There are links to library reads, movies and TV tie ins based on books( and even links to trailers of the new show or movie.  Also there is a listing of links to publishers catalogs.

   The more you look at Early Word , the more  you see  how much it has to offer!  So keep checking out this great resource!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

21st Century Library Blog

   The 21st Century Library blog offers a forum whereby librarians can form a community of discussions about problems, issues, and specific topics.  This blog presents broad perspectives on issues affecting the library profession.

  Librarians can collaborate by responding to polls, and surveys and adding their input.  There are links also to articles  relating to library issues that concern us today. If you continue you will find links to all blog posts, listed in order from oldest to newest.

 One of the things I like bet are the additional links to other library blogs and websites.  All in all this a great spot to visit and get the latest ideas and innovations.  You can see the issues and how other  librarians respond to them and what they think are the best  solutions.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ficiotn -L Books Lists

  FicitonL is an electronic mailing list that is devoted to Readers Advisory topics.  There are book lists, book discussions, bibliographies, and a wide variety of library related topics.

  This site was developed for librarians dealing with readers requests for good reads.  Created by the staff of the Morton Grove Public Library,( Morton Grove, IL) this is a great service to librarians and staff.

  Subscribers can receive  single or many messages when a posting appears. There is an archive of postings available which dates back to the beginning of the fiction L list.

  I have used this listing to see  titles listing of different genres, author listings, and also  character listings when a question arises about  books with certain types of characters.

   Fiction L

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Librarian Problems

   Librarian Problems is an extremely funny  website that will have you laughing until you cry!
Developed by a librarian named William, he has worked as a Reference Assistance and a Reference Librarian.

  Librarian Problems is a good way to vent common librarian frustrations.  Librarians can also submit quotes and problems  to the site.

   William ( the creator) also has a lined shop with t- Shirts, drink ware and other items with the Librarian Problem lingo. So when you need a break and a laugh , head over to Librarian Problems, and you will see what I mean,

 Here is the Link:   Librarian Problems

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stop - You're Killing Me!

   "Stop - you're killing me" is an extensive website for mystery fans.  This also includes crime, thriller, spy and suspense books.  They list over 4000 authors and give a chronological list of their titles!

  This site is extremely helpful top people who want to read their books in the order that they titles were written.

   Searching for an author is easy, just click on their first letter of their last name and you will find an alphabetical listing. You can also search by characters if need be in the same manner.

  On the left hand side there are links that take you quickly to: new additions( hardcovers, paperbacks & audio books)  Also included  on the side tab are: book reviews, read alikes, and various indexes.

  There is a newsletter you can sign up for.  And there are monthly Give ways! Plug in you email to the books you want to win- you will be enrolled in the sweeps.

   So if you are a mystery fan, head over to " Stop you're Killing me" ! You will be glad you did!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Early Word.Com- Part 1

       The slogan for Early Word is :News for Collection Development and Reader's Advisory Librarians.

       This site is one to visit everyday! It is so helpful in my quest to get the newest and best books for my patrons.  Each day they post articles about books that Librarians need to know about.

      Every Thursday , the site highlights the best seller lists.  Each Friday, there is a 'New Title Radar' which alerts librarians about titles that re ' in the news', new titles by popular authors, and a  watch list  of titles that may take off.

      There are also alerts about books being made into movies. Numerous other features worth mentioning" Gallery Chat: done a monthly basis where librarians chat about the new books not yet published.   Author Chat  which is frequently held with authors about their titles.

  Of course , there are  also book previews, Best book and Award lists, Coming this Month, and Best seller lists.  For Children's and Ya librarians , check out Nancy Perls- Book Lust and  Lisa Von Drasek " Early Word Kids"

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Every Thing Library

    EveryThing Library is a website devoted to helping libraries get funding for their community libraries who are in need of funding in order to stay afloat, current , and full of resources.  Everything Library believes that campaigning  and talking to votes about their needs will increase  the libraries  power, services, and help with library initiatives.

   They will and have provided funds to help  sustain major libraries  from having services impacted by budget cuts.( restoring personal and programs)

   This is actually an organization that is dedicated to build voter support. They help libraries to get voters to come on Election day . Training is provided  on various topics: consulting services, conduct feasibility studies, develop fund raising strategies ad train volunteer  in" get out to vote" techniques.

  So even if your library in not is a budget crisis, check out Everything Library - some helpful tips and blog articles await you!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In the Library With Lead Pipe

  The " In the Library With Lead Pipe"site is an open access journal run bu a team of librarians.  There are articles and editorials written  by the team and also includes authors, educators, support staff and community members.

 The goals of Lead Pipe  is to explore new  ideas and start conversations and to help develop solutions to problems and issues  The  requirements for articles is founded in showcasing original research strategies in librarianship, and practical examples. So you will find highly engaging and substantial information  issues and topics.

 Right off the bat, I found several articles that were informative and extensive  - enough to help me correct the issue I was facing.  I will be visiting there again . It will keep the creative juices  interested in developing more intense  discussion with my staff and colleagues.