Thursday, August 28, 2014

Early Word Part 2

     More on Early Word!  This site is awesome and provides so much great information about the best and upcoming new books.  On the left hand side t, there are so many categories to select from: audio books, book events, books and movies,  fiction lists. ideas to steal, librarians in the news,  non-fiction lists,  to name just a few.

     As always, there are links on the left to the archives for each month.

   Now to the right!  We have links to best seller list which are invaluable to the the busy librarian selecting  reviews and recommendations.  There is also an awards list that will also help in collection development.  There is a Coming Soon section that showcases all the newest books that are arriving in the coming weeks and months.

  There are links to library reads, movies and TV tie ins based on books( and even links to trailers of the new show or movie.  Also there is a listing of links to publishers catalogs.

   The more you look at Early Word , the more  you see  how much it has to offer!  So keep checking out this great resource!

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