Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Desk Organization

   Organizing your desk is a task that will help you be more efficient  at work or at home.  Planning your desk space - do you have enough room?  Do you have too many stacks? Do you have the items you need on a regular basis?

   Most of the time our desks are used for paper work or computer work,  We need to have files or supplies that are accessible when needed.  If we are lucky you will have drawer space and file storage built into our desk.

   Planning for your desk  usage, first determine exactly what is needed on a day to day basis . For example: pens, pencils, paper, scrap paper, paper clips, file folders, calculator , stapler , scissors and tape.
Now if you need all these supplies on a regular basis , figure out where to put them  , so you can get them if you need them.

  The next step is to figure out  what tasks you actually do at your desk( reports, budget work, computer tasks , letter writing, computations, etc,)  This will help you to prepare the space so that you can complete these tasks) Do you need more room at your desk? Then figure out what items can be eliminated or tucked away  in a convenient spot for quick access.

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