Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Read Any Book-

   Readanybook.com  is a free site where visitors can read  online for free.   There are many different genres of books: children's, western, mystery, historical fiction, classics, and thrillers to name a few.

 You need to  create a free account to access the books.  Registered users can also recommend and add books to the  readanybook.com

  Also included in this site articles and  genre links.   On the main page you can see featured books and read a preview , download the book in various formats, and vote on the book read.  If you are a reader who like to read online , check this out .


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Better Desk Habits

  What should you do if your desk is an absolute mess? What should you do if there are piles and piles of papers, folders, magazines, and clippings all over?

  The easiest thing to do is to take everything and put it in a large box or container.  Then  take 15 to 20 minutes ( set a timer- see Using a kitchen timer  ) Take a pile from the top  and go through each piece. Refile each paper where it should go.   Have some a file folders and markers.

  If there is a current project you are working non , label a folder and put all related items into that folder.Anything you do not need , throw away or put in the recycling bin.

 Also have some files that can be marked : To do, To read, To file.

 Anything you need to save , label a folder and put the paper in it. Then file in your file cabinet.  Make sure you put them in alphabetical order. If you have files you are done  with , refile in the proper spot

  Do a 15 - 20 minute  session  until your bin is empty.
  Now devised a system, Establish a  place marked  TO FILE.  Never let your piles  get out of hand again. Each day  spend  some time refiling  so your desk is clean!

Desk Organization- Part 2

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Customer Service Skills

  There are 7 important customer service skills that our library staff need to learn , that will improve  the library's image and standing.
1. Listen to patrons
2. Smile at Patrons
3. Watch for patron confusion ad then try to help
4. Approach the patron  & be engaged  with patron
5. Use positive body language - be inviting and make eye contact
6. Use the patrons name in conversation when providing library services
7. Smile!

    While theses are mostly self explanatory, as a Director or Manager, you may want to discuss and explain them to your staff.  If they have questions, make sure you call address them and straighten any confusion out.
You may also want to do some role playing at a staff meeting so that staff can experience how each item should be played out.  These are items that can be worked on as a staff team and developed over time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Superior Customer Service

  All of our patrons are considered customers. And our customers /patrons are very important to help us maintain funding for our resources and programs.  So we should take time to consider our forms of customer service and the way we treat patrons.

  We could also consider our Customer Service  Policy( if we have one) . If not , we may want to develop  policy on how we want to treat our customers . We should want the library to be a friendly, welcoming place where people will want to come!

  One way we can have superior customer service is to hire exceptional employees . These employees are able to set a good example , interact easily with patrons, have a great phone voice and can communicate well via email.

  Also having the proper positive leadership  helps the change of the positive culture of our team ( staff) . In essence , Customer Service is putting the customer first by focusing on creating a positive experience.

  So here is the question: Does anyone have a customer service policy? What is in it?
If you don't have one, what do you think you should have in it? I would love to hear from you regarding  your thoughts on Customer Service,

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Greads- www.greadsbooks.com

    As I check out many book review blogs and websites, I come across many new ones. Many bloggers( myself included, although lately I have been slacking)  share there reviews, And they also share their favorite blogs.  So it a self continuing process of finding book reviews, I have found some really good ones which I like to share with you!

   Ginger's book blog sire ( www.greadsbooks.com)  is simple but entertaining.  She likes to share her ideas on the books she reads.  She reads contemporary Ya literature, and adult fiction ( contemporary and historical) . She also promotes books through blog giveaways

   The site is simple to get around .She a tab for book review archives, and her policy on reviewing.
  She has a link to the book she is currently reading. And she also has a listing of her favorite book blogs.

So check her out at : www.greadsbooks.com

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Super Powers of Librarians

   The role of the librarian( school, public, academic & otherwise)  continues to change . Every day there are new resources, websites, and technologies for patrons to learn and use. In order to keep up with the 21st century , as a profession we need also to keep learning and growing.  So we need to keep developing our super powers to get the job done.

  Being Flexible:  Yes , we need to adapt and grow and learn all we can in order to help our patrons and students  . So begin by evaluating, revising,  and implementing your programs.   Assess what is working and what isn't . Decide what you will keep doing, ( something that is working , and producing good results, )what needs to changed and how you can change it to provide the best for your  needs and the needs of the patrons.

 Some items to think about changing or adapting: Circulation,shelving, scheduling, Programs. Now don't expect to change /adapt these all at the same time. Take time to think through about the procedures , what you do now and what could be done to be more efficient. Tackle one at the time, make changes , and then re-evaluate to see if the changes are working.  Always ask yourself : Is it working? Why? Or Why not? What could be done differently?  How can we improve?
  By being flexible and going with the change we can  adapt our tasks to become more accommodating and efficient.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Perpetual Page Turner-Book Reviews

  The Perpetual Page Turner is a book blog with reviews of Ya literature, adult fiction, and some non-fiction ( travel and memoirs). This is not a serious  criticism type of blog. This has a very conservational  tone to its reviews.  There also are  blogs on books, and discussion about all things bookish. Some are even personal about the  author Jamie, and her husband Will.

  She has a review policy tab, also a special features tab. She also tells a rating systems for the books she reads and reviews. There is a tab that leads to her book discussions and readers can log in and respond.  There are also giveaways and featured articles.  Along the right hand side , there are also links to her current read, and find a new read, and get exploring  more books.

  So check this out if you want a more intimate style of book reviews.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Good Work Habits at your Desk!

     Hopefully your desk is now ready to go. It is cleared of files ( See The Organized Librarian book- tab up at top for more on  files and filing)  But if not, and you have piles and piles of papers, here is what to do.

  The  key is to NOT let paper and piles keep multiplying!!  Process each paper as it comes  on to your desk.  If you do have papers and piles , grab a pile and go through it.  If you already have files in your drawers or file cabinet, then refile each paper in the correct file.  Do this with each  pile. ( Take 15 - 30 minutes at a time until your desk is clear of piles)

  Now establish a place where  you will place items to be filed/ refiled.  Establish also an area ( I use a standing file holder on the counter next to my desk- it could also be on my desk - and this is for current projects I am working on) Everything else is filed in my desk door ( files I use on a regular basis or in my file cabinet- where I put files that I use once a month)
   Also have a couple of folders( one marked to do, to read, )

  Each day you can pull out the files that you are working on . Then before lunch or before  the end of the day, always take a few moments to file materials where they belong!