Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Customer Service Skills

  There are 7 important customer service skills that our library staff need to learn , that will improve  the library's image and standing.
1. Listen to patrons
2. Smile at Patrons
3. Watch for patron confusion ad then try to help
4. Approach the patron  & be engaged  with patron
5. Use positive body language - be inviting and make eye contact
6. Use the patrons name in conversation when providing library services
7. Smile!

    While theses are mostly self explanatory, as a Director or Manager, you may want to discuss and explain them to your staff.  If they have questions, make sure you call address them and straighten any confusion out.
You may also want to do some role playing at a staff meeting so that staff can experience how each item should be played out.  These are items that can be worked on as a staff team and developed over time.

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