Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Good Work Habits at your Desk!

     Hopefully your desk is now ready to go. It is cleared of files ( See The Organized Librarian book- tab up at top for more on  files and filing)  But if not, and you have piles and piles of papers, here is what to do.

  The  key is to NOT let paper and piles keep multiplying!!  Process each paper as it comes  on to your desk.  If you do have papers and piles , grab a pile and go through it.  If you already have files in your drawers or file cabinet, then refile each paper in the correct file.  Do this with each  pile. ( Take 15 - 30 minutes at a time until your desk is clear of piles)

  Now establish a place where  you will place items to be filed/ refiled.  Establish also an area ( I use a standing file holder on the counter next to my desk- it could also be on my desk - and this is for current projects I am working on) Everything else is filed in my desk door ( files I use on a regular basis or in my file cabinet- where I put files that I use once a month)
   Also have a couple of folders( one marked to do, to read, )

  Each day you can pull out the files that you are working on . Then before lunch or before  the end of the day, always take a few moments to file materials where they belong!

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