Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My favorite book review sources - part 3

   Here are  three more sites / sources  I like to use to find recommendations / suggestions for book purchases.

   1. Kirkus- This is a great source to find out vast amounts of information about the best books out.  I especially like the book reviews, and the Kirkus star given to exceptional books. I find if I concentrate on the stars ( although I like to  read all the reviews ) I can get a good cross section of books .
  Tabs with quick links  also lead to Best of 2014, Best sellers, contests. and Kirkus TV. There are author  interviews , tops of the lists, and an email newsletter. There are also Author services to help authors promote their books.

   2. Library Media Connections .Com is a great source for staff looking for children's and Ya books.  There are reviews which are brief . The best part is the rating system: Highly Recommended, Recommend, and not Recommended.  
  Also you can find a few featured  articles and hot news that will be beneficial to school librarians.

3.  Booklist Online also offers some reviews on line even for those  who not subscribe. I like the best of lists that they provide.
  There is also a  lot of content you can view.  I find this extremely helpful when doing book orders.

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