Thursday, January 29, 2015

Setting up your file cabinet

    Take some time to set up your filling cabinet so that materials are easy to locate when you need them.  If you are just beginning   to set up your file cabinet, here are a few ideas to have it go smoothly and be easy to use.

  First of all, arrange all your files in alphabetical order. It is a great idea to keep a listing of the file folders that you have. ( see my ebook The Organized Librarian ) 

  If you are lucky , you might have more than one filing area,  I have  a small filing  cabinet in my desk drawer. This is where I keep items filed that I use on a daily basis.  I can pull them out easily and then file them away when I am done with them at the end of the morning or the end of the day.

 I also am lucky to have two other filing cabinets.  I have one in my closet . In this one I keep items that I use on a monthly basis.
The third one is in our storage area.   The files I keep in here are more historical in nature.   These are budget files or grant files that I must keep for 7 years  before discarding. 

  So when you are setting up your cabinet s, depending on the size, you will need a area that you will use on a daily/ weekly basis and also at least on drawer for your historical files.

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