Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Using your Bulletin Board to Organize your time

      Use your bulletin board to help you become more organized in the New Year.( And if you don't have one, have the space for one, get one, especially if you are a visual person!)

      But don't just put up notes and leave them there until the paper falls apart.  The bulletin board should be used for Visual reminders.  So for items you use frequently it is a good way to store and then grab when needed- zips codes, phone numbers,  questions that need to be asked of your director or administrator.)

      Also the bulletin board is a good place for current projects. List the date, when the project is due, a description , and  steps to take- this depends on how organized you like to  be.

     If you have dead lines / due dates every month, the bulletin board can also serve as a tickler file to remind you of what needs to be and when it needs to be handed in.
     Using a bulletin board  will help , but only  if  you USE it! That means looking at it at least daily, and maybe even once in the Am and then once in the PM.
    As always , at least once a month,  clear off unwanted and finished items.

     How do you use a bulletin board by your desk? Any more ideas?   Give me an idea  in the comment section below!

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