Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fantastic Fiction.com

   Fantastic Fiction is a web site  for librarians and book lovers .  Through this site you can find  information about authors and  their books.   The site is easy to use  and you can click on a title to see the book cover, the description , and the details on the publication of the book.
  There are also links to book awards,  books from different countries( it is a UK based site),  Series books, and Year. There are also links to hardcover, paper back , audio books, and kindle editions where visitors can  click and search.

 Along the right side you can also see  information about books that are coming out in the next several months  This will be a great source for librarians looking to see what is coming up by their  favorite authors.

 There are also genre pages ( towards the bottom) which includes: science fiction, fantasy, YA, horror,  mystery, historical, western, romance, sagas  just to list a few ..

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