Sunday, February 8, 2015

Staff Development

  Staff Development is important to all  Libraries whether there is staff or just a single person.  Behind staff development is simply continued learning and understanding of key topics and technologies.

  Staff Development can be either formal (  a class, in a group, a webinar,  power point or slide show, handouts  & discussions,)    Informal staff development also count. This can again be done singly or in a group. It can be as simple as an email updating staff to something important, an on the spot instruction in a report or procedure. It can also be done on a per person as needed basis , or when a staff member has a specific question or needs and answer.

  In my daily routine with staff, I will always keep in mind when something new comes up that may not have been discussed in detail.  This is especially important with newer staff or when changes  have occurred in policy or procedures.

    Staff development is a process of learning more  and growing in our professional life.

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