Thursday, February 26, 2015  is the companion website to the print journal, Public Libraries.   This is an official publication of the PLA ( Public Library Association) .  PLO focuses on issues and topics that concern Public librarians. 
the great part about this online journal is that it has great content and offers online interaction (comments, and social media sharing)  There is also daily updates, reviews, editorials, and author interviews.  Readers are also invited to submit their work.

On the main page there are many interesting articles on current issues / opinions in public libraries.  Under books & More you can find interviews with authors, and ebook reviews. 
  Under the magazine tab, featured articles from each issue are shown in full length.

  There is very interesting and informative content here, The articles provide insight to issues and give ideas of what is going on the public library world.
 Popular posts are highlighted on the side, and they indicate magazines features , news , and opinion. All in all very interesting  and informative site to help public librarians  with their jobs.

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