Thursday, March 5, 2015


Book Bub is a free daily email that gives you notices about ebooks with a deep deep discount.  ( like 2.99, 1.99 &; .99)  There are many categories  to choose from : mysteries, actions, advice, biographies, children, cooking, historical fiction, history, horror , just to name a few.

  Book Bub features bestsellers and bestselling authors and books that have received good reviews from both critics and readers.  You can customize the types of books that you receive emails about.

  There are also links to Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble,  apple books, & Goggle p[play so you can easily get the ebook for your specific device.

  At the bottom of the page, you can see links to free ebooks and free kindle books.  There is a bookbub blog which has informative and easy to read articles  about books and authors.   Also on the blog are tabs with must read articles, book lists by categories, links to most popular posts and quotes from authors and best selling books.

Book Bub is a great place to explore if you read a lot of ebooks!

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