Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Library Advisory Committe

As the librarian, you ultimately are in charge of library organization, and management. You are the major decision maker in policies and also purchasing. That is what part of our training is about.

    You may however want to think about having a library advisory group.  A library advisory group gives other members of your staff and patrons a voice in what material and programs are provided by the library.  This group would also let both staff and  patrons become more aware of library operations, services, and day to day activities and tasks.!

     During my years at the public library, I had a teen advisory group( I was in charge of Children 's Library Programs).   It was a small group . They gave me some great ideas of what books teens were reading and what activities teen s would the library to have provided,   They produced a monthly newsletter of book reviews, and articles that they wrote.  The group gave a voice to the teens that I served.

    Depending on your administration, board, teachers, and students , you may want to think about staring a group and include a representative of people you work with and for. They will serve as a sounding board and  also provide input on issues ( Challenged books, programs, policies, purchases, and other items.)

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