Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ideas on Professional reading! -

  Do you keep track of your reading - both professional and for fun? When I read for fun ( I love historical fiction and biographies ) I don't. I just read for pure enjoyment.

  However when I do professional reading ( books, journals) I have my notebook with me.I like to jot down ideas that I gleam that I can use , ideas for lessons, quotes that inspire me, ideas for advocacy, or ideas to share with library colleagues or teachers. I can look back in this notebook and make sure I have the quote or idea correct.
  Also I can look back  and reread . It sometimes sparks an idea for displays, organizing, or staff development.  This is also a record of what I have read- Yes I do note titles and authors, So if some one asks for a recommendation , I can give it to them . This is especially true of really good professional books,

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bulletin Boards for May

It  is  getting toward the end of April , so I am thinking of what to do about those bulletin boards.
 here are some ideas of what I have sued in the past.

Sneaking around with a good book- copies of sneakers , students will put on their favorite spring books  and them on the board.

-"When we read we Grow.'May flowers-  Blue Back ground
  Battle of the Books - groups. scores , announcement.

"We're wild about Books!"- Jungle theme ( animals , trees) around slogan, maybe even titles on tree leaves, or book jackets if you have more room.

"Read, Return, Repeat"  Make slogan like the Recycle, Reduce, Reuse green arrows- put book jackets around that.

"Don't be angry -Read a Good Book"   Angry birds and book jackets or titles

Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Friday- Straighten Your Desk!

Its Friday . ( or it could be any day for that matter)  What does your desk look like?   Is it totally out of control?  Take  15 minutes and straighten it up.
     First , take a stack of  empty file folders and your favorite  pencil. ( I'll tell you why a pencil in a moment)  Begin with picking up the first pile of materials. If there is anything that is essential to your library or your classes, decide what to do with it.
     If there are several items that belong together, take a file folder and label what it  you are placing in it.  Move these folders to a spot where they can be organized and filed.  Anything you  do not need , throw out or place in recycling.

   Keep going until your desk is cleared. You should end up with file folders to file and  items to recycle.  This afternoon or when you have another 15  minute slot, file the  folders in the proper place in your file cabinet.
    If you already have a file that is marked for that item, place the items in the file in your cabinet. Then you can erase the tab and use if for something else. Permanent files should be marked with a . Now you have a clean desk and will be able to figure out what to do with the rest of your day.
  My book The Organized Librarian has a chapter on how I organize my files , and how I avoid duplicate files. Order the ebook- click on the tab Books for Sale- follow the directions to get the full copy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Staff Development

     As school and Public  librarians, we need to become leaders in our schools and  buildings.. We ( along with administrators & direct) are the professionals that have the overall snapshot of the school   and community’s . We are the ones that know the instruction ,curriculum. and personal needs. Work  with your administrators  and directors to set up a schedule for staff development for the next year. Work with your staff to develop what needs to be done as far as educating the clerks .

     One of the first staff development workshops that you can do during teacher conference days is an Orientation to the data bases that your school has. This will give everyone a push to get the teachers thinking about which ones they can use with their students. At this time, offer to help classes learn how to use databases or mention that they can be used when the classes are doing research, guided inquiry or non-fiction texts.

     During the year, listen to staff and see what they need as far as staff development. Is there a grade level that wants to infuse more technology? Do clerks and staff have lots of questions on circulation, reports, other tasks?

     Some more ideas for staff development: e-sources, primary sources, information literacy skills, streaming video sites for your state- show them how helpful they can be, digital projects, inquiry based learning, and resources for the common core.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Book Selection Policy

  What other library policies do you have in place?  A book selection policy will follow your Collection Development policy if you have one already in place!

   In your book selection policy, how do you select books that will be purchased for your library? Do you read reviews before purchasing? How many do you read?    Does what you do for selection all make sense and is it a reasonable way to select books for your collection?Whatever you do, refine and write it down.

   In my policy , I have written that I will read  two reviews for non-fiction and three for fiction. I will check also  the ALA listing for children's / teens books and will check other award lists for recommended books. The policy also details what  the current curriculum is following , and will note that library selection of nonfiction also depends curriculum requirement I had this written down in detail in my book selection policy.

     With your mission statement, your collection development policy and your book selection policy, you are now on your way to your policy and procedures book . I will continue to add different topics / statements  so that you will have a complete book for your library . Keep me posted as to what  you have and what you are working on. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Whichbook  is a UK based site, but still can be used by anyone who is looking for something different and new to read.   The interesting thing is when you find a book, it will give tabs  to buy ( links to Amazon and helps them support the site ) or  to borrow( links to local UK libraries) which is fun  and great for those in UK.

      Now back to the site: if you like to browse around different books  this is for you.  You can find similar books that match your choices.  WhichBooks offers choices  a bit different from regular genres  such as  mood, plot shape, emotion, types of main characters.
     There is a team of 70 people who create the entries about the books.  Theses people are real readers who love to read. They concentrate on books that most will not find by themselves. The books on the site are fiction and they are not Best Sellers.  They are lesser known but intriguing  titles.

    Use the MY lists tab to store books you come across that you want to keep track of.  You can also note on this Want to read/ Have read.  Also browse the author list and the guest lists/