Tuesday, April 7, 2015


     Whichbook.com  is a UK based site, but still can be used by anyone who is looking for something different and new to read.   The interesting thing is when you find a book, it will give tabs  to buy ( links to Amazon and helps them support the site ) or  to borrow( links to local UK libraries) which is fun  and great for those in UK.

      Now back to the site: if you like to browse around different books  this is for you.  You can find similar books that match your choices.  WhichBooks offers choices  a bit different from regular genres  such as  mood, plot shape, emotion, types of main characters.
     There is a team of 70 people who create the entries about the books.  Theses people are real readers who love to read. They concentrate on books that most will not find by themselves. The books on the site are fiction and they are not Best Sellers.  They are lesser known but intriguing  titles.

    Use the MY lists tab to store books you come across that you want to keep track of.  You can also note on this Want to read/ Have read.  Also browse the author list and the guest lists/

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