Friday, May 15, 2015

Book review- Firecomb Manor

     Firecomb Manor ( Riordain, Harper Collins, 2015) pairs two characters : Alice ( 1933) and Elizabeth ( 1898) as they await the birth of Alice's first and Elizabeth second child.  Alice becomes pregnant by a married man  - her parents send her away  in shame,  Elizabeth struggles with her demanding , always angry husband  with his need to have a male heir. Elizabeth has been unable to hold on to many pregnancy's

    The novel begins with Alice in London , just 22 and finding her self pregnant. Her mother send her to Firecomb manor to an old  friend  who is the maid /caretaker of the place.  This is where she begins to read the diary of Elizabeth as it outlines her daily life.

    The chapters go between Elizabeth and Alice, as we learn about each of them. Alice learns about Elizabeth and feel a definite kinship with her  The ending appears to be  natural conclusion although endearing and  exciting, Alice decided what she will do with her life   providing us with a nicely wrapped package ending,

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