Thursday, May 7, 2015

Planning your day

 Planning - how much do you do?  Do you plan what you will do each day or do you just go into work and then wing it?    For many years ( more than I like to admit)  I just  did lesson planning ( when I was at School) and the rest of the time I just sort of "winged" it.   That worked out fine for a long time because I had great support library assistants and when a big job came around we got it done.
     When I  lost my full time assistant was when I really took the time to plan out what I needed to do and how in the world was I going to get it all done.  To add fuel to that idea was the fact that I did have people coming into to help but  they would be with me for  a period or at most maybe two periods .
   Its similar in the public library, especially when staff are different each day or vacation time rolls around like now when everyone is getting their time in .
     So I really took stock to determine what I would have them do when they arrive at the door.  Now, some of those  aides really jumped in and did what ever they thought  was the best for the library. But some of the aides had never been in the library before so I had to  train them  in various jobs. Which was not always easy because most of the time I had many many classes, or programs  and projects going on.
      Anyway my point is that whether you have help or not. Or whether you have a full time or part time person, you will accomplish more and feel better if you at least plan out part of your day.  If you know you have a certain task to complete , and it is a big one , break it down into segments and begin to work on it when you have a block of time during your day.
     Look at your schedule - with classes and special programs and decide  what you will do to further you jobs completed.
    Check out   my ebook- The Organized Librarian. This details how my days went from  'winging it'  to more organized and efficient.

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