Friday, June 26, 2015

Why Digital literacy Is Important

  Digital literacy means the ability to locate, evaluate , and use digital information. The ability to recognize what information is needed and when to use it are also important components of digital literacy.   Using a wide range of technologies effectively is also important to the adult community( computer, mobile devices, blogs, twitter, facebook , youtube).
    Without access to the internet , adults can't develop digital literacy. Without digital literacy, patrons will not gain maximum benefit from online resources. Being digital literate will also help adults and seniors procure a job in today's job market.
    Training provided by the public libraries to adult patrons is an important service.  Offering a variety of technology training is key .
   Some public libraries have informal assistance , one on one sessions, formal tech training classes and online training materials. This training help adults  to  have skills to join or rejoin the workforce. Some libraries also provide  access to job databases and job opportunity resources,  There may also be provision for civil service materials.
  Many libraries offer other resources to help them with resumes and interviews. Additionally librarians may have staff to help patrons complete online job applications.
   In providing Digital literacy services and classes , the public library help create a skilled and knowledgeable workforce able to meet the technology of the 21st century.

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