Thursday, August 20, 2015

   Every Library is the first national  & political actions committee for libraries   has a new online presence called Vote Libraries.  On this site  is an online gallery  free to use for all public libraries.  There is artwork  and tools for voter outreach ,new high quality Art and design   that is free for all pubic libraries across the country.   Check and see all that they have and how you can use this tool to help you spread the word  to tell the community what your library is all about.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Free Library Lesson!- Dog Loves Books!

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 Library Lessons  with Louise  Yates
    Two of Louise Yates’ books , Dog Loves Books – Alfred A Knopf, 2010) and Dog Loves Drawing ( Alfred A Knopf , 2012)  are a great way to introduce students to the love of books and also introduce or review  several library concepts in the early grades.

Main concepts that are learned: What does the Author do?
Discussion Questions   which can be used during or after reading,  Dog Love’s Books.
1. Dog loved books so much he ________________________________________.
2. How did Dog get ready for the opening of his book store?
3. What did Dog do to keep busy while he was waiting for customers?
4.What did Dog do when he got tired of waiting for customers?
5. What happened while Dog was reading?
6. How did Dog know which books to recommend?
7.Dog loves books, but what was even better that just loving books?

Library Vocabulary: Students should know these terms  for this lesson.
Author : person who writes the words in a story.
Illustrator: person who draws the pictures in a story.

Library Lesson  :Beginning-Middle-End
Have a discussion with students about the parts of a story.  This can be an initial lesson or a review type lesson.  Have a talk  about what  students think happened in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end .

In each box below, draw or write what happened in each part of the book  This can also be made into a bigger layout in the landscape format which may make it easier.
Dog Loves Books. ( Louise Yates)




Writing / Creative Activity  Dog Loves Books

  1. Have student work on a small poster and  have them write and draw what they love.  Show them an example  of  what the poster of what they love will look like:

Cody Loves:

2. Book Recommendations: Poster or Paper Size.  
What book would you recommend to a friend or customer  ? Draw a poster or advertisement for a book that  you would recommend if you owned Dogs Book store.
Show students an example with the author, illustration, title , descriptions and picture of their favorite parts of the story.







Thursday, August 13, 2015

National LIbrary Card Month- September

September is National Library Card sign up month.  Now is a good time to start planning how to get the word out to the community members.  They probably do not realize how many resources and programs can be found at their local library!
  September is also a good time to remind parents that the library is a big help to students in their educational life.  Snoopy ( from the Peanuts comic strip) is the promotional characrer this year.  To learn more and get access to some promotional material ( Proclamation, graphics, ect) visit the ALA website.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Free online conference for Teen Librarians

  On Thursday, August 13th, School Library Journal will have a free full day online conference for Teen Librarians.  Topics  will include  programming, and collection development.

  There will be author talks about their current and new titles, and will include a question and answers time for participants.  Focus will also on teen issues and trends, selecting non-fiction , and romance for Ya's/  Also  other topics will be gaming in the library,  and setting up volunteer groups  .  There will be a virtual exhibit hall where you can see publishers newest items.  For more information  and to register visit  Summer Teen Web site.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Review- The Siege Winter

   The Siege Winter , Franklin  , Ariana ( William Morrow, 2015)

    The story of England In the 1140's. Emma , a  very young girl,  is abused by a roaming gang of mercenaries.  Gwil finds her  barely alive and will not leave her to die.

 Together , the two make an odd pair.  Emma dressing as a boy, she learns how to hunt and shoot. She becomes expert at the bow.Gwil becomes aware that the gang ( specifically the monk) who abused her, and is searching for her. Emma had a valued possession she grabbed from him as he was abusing her.

  The two end up at Maud's castle and help her army to protect the siege against Maud's caste.
This is a historical mystery that has many twists  to keep you engaged and interested.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What does your library lend?

   While traditionally libraries loan books, cd,s DVDs. and audio books, many libraries offer more non- traditional items to their patrons.   Our library has offered ( in the springtime)  fishing poles and tackle boxes for young people under the age of 16. ( In NY, children under 16 do not need a license)

  Many other libraries  offer: telescopes, microscopes, spinning wheels, seeds, and ebook readers.
In the past I have lived in places where they also loaned art works.

 Is there any thing special that your library  allows to be borrowed??( tools, artifacts, toys, ?)
Comment here! Please leave some ideas below to we can share what other public libraries have to offer!