Monday, October 19, 2015

Inspiration for The Daring School Librarian

 I have been searching for ideas for middle school libraries every since I got this position as a middle school librarian.  I had been a middle school librarian  for 9 years before switching to the elementary level  but a lot has changed since that time.

 One site I have found  is The Daring School Librarian.  It is an awesome site with a lot of content and  great ideas that            has done  on the middle school level.  I am looking at her tech and  lesson ideas and have some solid ideas for lessons and programs.  She has  actual tutorials for her students  that lead them to better understanding of  safe usuage of interent sources, and also a tutorial/ webquest of the steps for

 So if you have not seen this site , I would  greatly suggest you check this out and make it one of your go to places to look!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Middle School Madness- searching for ideas!

 It's October, and here at my ( new) Middle school , I have some real challenges. We have a few voracious readers. But most  students I am finding  do not read or  claim they do not like to read.  So one of my quests is to get these kids to read. Yes teaching skills is Very important!

I am thinking of adapting my book pass lesson to do one for  Middle school. What should I include?  Perhaps  I will include sports books,  and graphic novels.  Since I am targeting both boys and girls I will also include Fantasy, Adventure,  Humor and mystery,

What do you with your students to encourage reading?  PLease leave  some ideas below so we can all  support each other in our quest to motivate middle school students to read.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shift Happens-2014

I showed this brief youtube video today and we had some really good discussions about technology and how we should us it. I was surprised that some students thought that too much technology was  not good for health and some even said that it was bad.  All in all most classes were good and  took notes on how technology is changing our lives!

  I gave them a list of topics to look for and they were to take  notes.Some found it hard(these are 7th graders)   I also had them thinking about  what careers would require them to know the latest technology.

Look up Do you Know-shift happens 2014- that is the one I used!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Position!! New challenges!

   Well I am 3 weeks into my new position of Middle School librarian!  It is more focused than the Library Branch Manger and really more of what I am used to be doing- being in school and working with students.  I have 7th grade fixed classes- 5 a day!! Luckily my predecessor left me with a lot of stuff- she went up to the High school so she is my mentor!  The  women  who was at the high school left her with NOthing! ( that is just plain rude I think)
 So that is why I have not posted recently  but now I am finally getting more settled- am learning how to use School Tools which is a biggie.  I am searching for  7th grade lessons and ideas- so please please if you have any please leave comments  below!    I have started off with reviews of the major items. We are calling the class  Information Literacy so I will plug in a lot of tech stuff also. Please if you have ideas or sites to look at let me know!