Saturday, February 13, 2016

Common Sense Media

 I have found this program open to school educators of technology and information literacy. I am planning to use some of the components  to  ensure that my 7th graders  learn  the ins and outs of the right way to use the newest technology. I think they will like what is coming up this week. We are finishing our black history project and will go  on to digital and traditional  media as an introduction to the Common Sense Media  components that I will be using

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Projects/ Activities for February ( Middle school Information Literacy Classes)

    In 7th grade , we are doing some Black American History Month projects.  I have a pathfinder set up for students to read about some famous Black Americans- this gives them a link to the people  and leads them to to get quick answers.

     Also there is a research aspect which delves into one person. Students are looking up why the person was famous and other interesting facts.   With these facts , they will be making a wordle poster  for another grade!

     On our Activity table, there are hearts to write their favorite books on, a movie survey, and a fiction find game.