Monday, June 27, 2016

First Week of Summer Vacation!

    We are off to a good start of summer vacation! I have lots of plans- let's see  how many I get done.  
     One plan is to read , read, read!  Right now I am on the 5th Poldark book- I am really enjoying the series.  I did watch the  one or two episodes of the PBS series. But I am thinking I would rather  read them  then watch them.  You may see a review - not sure yet. 
    I will eventually dive into some Ya's since I am already building my book list for next year. I am looking for good reads for 7th and 8th graders- so if you have any favorites please leave a message in the comment section!  
   One of my other plans is to get out my cookbook collection- and plan out some good recipes!   ( and then actually make then!)  One of my  favorites is the Pioneer Women. I just love love her. Her recipes are for real people using regular ingredients.
    It rained here this afternoon , so we sat  inside at the edge of the garage and read for about an hour. It was nice!

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