Tuesday, July 12, 2016


  This site( coffee cups and lesson plans)  is written by a 6th grade teacher. She has tons of terrific ideas which I think could be adapted either up or down a grade or two. I am planning on sharing this site with  my middle school teachers  just because her ideas seem to make learning interesting and fun . If the students are more engaged then they will become more interested and also learn more!

  She has a page of dedicated  to reading and writing topics. This has lots of ideas fir writing  activities. She also suggests books to use for writing prompts. Many of the activities  are for low cost ( teachers pay teachers ) or  Free!  Free is always good.

  There is also a math page  which also has many ideas  for activities ad lessons that will help students learn and remember Math skills.

   There is a Freebies page that lists recent freebies. Also  there is a clip art page  that highlights quality clip-art( mostly free).
Al long the way ( int the reading and writing section there are a few science and social studies activities that give teachers ideas to help them create  and expand their lessons.

All around , check this out  to see the ideas  and activities  on this site. I think you will find something or an idea to use!

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