Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Photos on the web

   Why should we consider posting  student images/ photos to the web? This fits in nicely with my current obsession for blogging with students!
    We can capture daily events or highlights of the day  and then easily share these with parents, the school at large, and even the community.   Many special events could also easily be highlighted. This provides good PR for our schools! Let the parents and community know the good about the school . So think about field trips, special speakers, visitors, special projects  and so much more  that is part of our daily classroom routines and activities.

   This would also provide a good way of sharing the teaching and learning experience. It is a good way to showcase students work . Students could post also post comments or annotations on the photos or images which would contribute to increased thinking and writing skills.

  I am going to do some more reading on  posting students photos/ images on blogs and wiki's. Does anyone already do this? Can you  please leave your comments,  and suggestions below ?  I am also looking for a photo program where by I can do this with the student blog I am hoping to start!

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