Thursday, December 29, 2016

December January Bulletin Board


                   I hope you can see this as the light makes a glare , but this is my Dec/ Jan bulletin board.
It has a blue background with gold letters " Lets read til we get snowed under" Every time it snows I will add a few flakes or many depending on the amount of snow. Every week I will have the 8th grade announcers announce  "If you notice something about the bulletin board by the library , stop in to tell us." Students with the right response will pick from the prize box.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Weekly Reading

I was so happy to get Dicey's Song  ( Voigt) !  It lead me into Dicey's and the children's life with their grandmother.  I was wondering how it turned out after reading Homecoming which I really loved!  After many rough patches, life at Grandmas' was getting to a relatively calm  place. The children were settling in and they were finally having a normal life like children are supposed to have . The town was accepting . Grandma was letting them into her life.  But there are still sad and disruptive spots but  this tells so well
about the lives of the children that they are real , and you  find yourself caring deeply about what happens next.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekly Reading

   In the first book, FableHaven ( Mull) Kendra and Seth have to go to stay with their Grandparents during a long vacation that is being taken by their parents. Their Grandfather has a hidden refuge called Fablehaven. This refuge is full of magic,  fantastic plants, faeries and strange creatures. Kendra and Seth think they are safe, but really they are not. Of course  they don't follow Grandfathers rules, and bad things start to happen. Powerful forces are unleashed , They have to figure out  a way to save themselves . I'm not finished yet , but I think this series will be liked by a lot of students who are onto fantasy and fantastic adventures.  I got the first three  so if they go out a bit I will order more in the series.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Digital De-Cluttering

  I spent  time eliminating and compressing physical files from my file cabinets. But now I want to do something about my computer files and desktop. So I will look at the documents and important items that I have in my work computer and zip drives. If I can't find files I need quickly that I know  it is time to organized and eliminate. So I am slowly ( 10 to 15 minutes a day) de- cluttering and organizing  my computer and zip files so I can find things when I need them.

On my hard drive at work each teacher has a U drive,where all of our files live. Since the beginning of the year I have been slowly looking at files and eliminating duplicates. I have also created folders and put items into files that go together.  I look at each time to determine if I need it ( almost like the physical de-cluttering) I deleted what I could . What I thought I should save but might not need immediately  I sent to ma zip drive.   At a later date I will print out what is on that zip drive so I know what is on it and do not have to open it to determine what is on it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Advocating for Libraries

   How can we be sure that our library funding and programs will be continued? How can we be sure that administration and board will not eliminate a position  or or assign a fixed schedule? ( Believe me , it has happened!)

  We must advocate for out libraries for our students to ensure that what have presently continues and grows. So first of all we need to build relationships with both staff,   and administration, then also the community. How can we help teachers in their goals of instructing students  and leading them to learning? Get out and talk, ask questions, help develop lessons and learning activities.

     Most importantly we need to advocate and show how libraries and librarians benefit students. Can they access the newest literature and information sources? Can the librarian collaborate with teachers to bring information literacy into research projects?  Can librarians assist students in finding sources and information they need/  So we need to be thinking of ways we can serve students and teachers  to enhance student learning. Keep this in mind when you determine your most important tasks.

 Please comment below what you do best to advocate and work toward serving students and staff.