Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Re-Organizing my Desk

    Just last week I was able to re-organize and streamline my desk. I had two sets of hanging files, one of which was not often used , I wanted to get another file cabinet to store the files in but there was not any room in my office for another file cabinet. I do have  a large old teachers desk , where years ago they had some kind of space for either files or a pop up typewriter-( not sure what it was for)
     I ordered two handing file holders to go into the open pop up section. And I ordered  a smallest pencil/file/ post it holder. The supplies came the other day- the company I order from is NY based- S & B computer supplies.
    So the order was faxed on Monday and we got the supplies on thursday.
 Friday I set up the new system. Files used weekly/ monthly were placed in the new hanging file box and put in the 'hole' where the large space  is in the desk.

 Then I re-organized the files I used on a daily basis into the hanging file organizer. The two current projects are file in the small organizer that also holds pens/pencils,post it and scissors . I think it will work great and looks so much neater!

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