Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Using post –it’ notes to organize

   When working on projects, I collect papers and printouts.  If it is a large project with multi pages ( like 7 or more) I will label a file folder  and place the papers inside the file to keep them all together.
 But if the project is small or has just a couple of papers, and it is one I will do relatively quickly 
( within day or two), then this is what I do. I will paper clip the items together and then mark them with a small post it note.  ( On large  post -it notes  I cut them in half- the right way so they will stick.) Then I mark what they papers refer to or what I need to do with them.

   This way I can put them in  my  work basket,  and  then complete them quickly the next several days. (See small and large projects in my book The Organized Librarian!)  
  The post its help me organize and remind me what to do, and this  keeps me going in the right direction of being organized and getting stuff done,

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