Thursday, May 3, 2012

Conference Time

 I am off this afternoon to the 2012 NYLA/SSL Conference in Binghamton, NY! Can't wait!  The  theme this year is Expand your Influence- Create, cCultivate, Collaborate , Communicate.
  This year there are some great speakers and workshops: Joyce Valenza, David Wiesner, Margie Preus, and Emily Arnold McCully!!  Also there will be great workshops : ebooks, digital resources, advocacy, and Common Core.

  Some great authors will also be there: Suzanne Bloom, Clara Gillow Clark, Jason Edwards. and Liz Rosenberg and others.

 I am getting ready to be recharged and re- energized!  Coming Back to school with great ideas, activities, and book titles!

Are there any other New York People going to be there?
How about  the other states - What do you like about your  regional/ state conference?  Send us your thoughts!

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