Friday, November 23, 2018

The Button War- Book Review

 Set during WWI , in a Polish village,is where the boys Button War starts. Seven boys who hang out together agree that the guy with the best button will be the Button King.
  The competition is fierce. Jurek  decides He will be the king, just because he thinks he is the best. Patryk and the others don't want him to win. Most of the them don't like the idea , but they don't want Jurek  to be the king, he is a bit of a bully.
  So they steal buttons form the soldiers wash line, and then begin  cutting them off dead bodies of the soldiers as the fight between the Germans and the Russians escalates.
  Jurek will do anything to be the Button King. The game becomes more and more dangerous. Patryk keeps on with the challenge  because he doesn't want Jurek to win, the others agree. The war torn village loses families to death and those so scared they leave. And still Jurek will not give up.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Book Review- The Organized Librarian

  Kirkus just posted the review of my book on their site!  So excited to share this book with those who need a little extra help with their library work day!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Keyboarding Program is the online program I am using to teach my middle school students  keyboarding.. It is free and it actually pretty good so far I looked at another program  that  my principal wanted me to look at  but I don't think she was convinced it was worth the price/ ( Not quite sure what is cost- that was never made clear  to me.) has a great dashboard. For each class , a code was created  so I can view and check on each class ,and their activity on each lesson.This will make it easier for me to do grades.I have not figured out how to import the grades to our School Tool but I am hoping it will work.  Each lesson comes up grades with an accuracy and a percentage.
    There are basic exercises,more advanced, typing tests, games and passages to type.

    Does anyone else have a keyboarding program that they like?  Does any other librarian have to teach keyboarding? ( I have 10 sections!!)  Please tell me what you use with your students! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Fixed schedule for Middle school?

The beginning of this school year has been crazy! I found out two weeks before school started that I was teaching 10 sections of Keyboarding!!! What a mess! And the administration does not believe that this will ruin my Library program!
 So I have 5 sections of keyboarding each day. We are on an A /B schedule - so I see ALL of the 7th graders.( and a few 8th graders who are not able to take a language)  I did find a program that I can use- more about that later!

  My book  "The Organized Librarian " ( sold here and on Amazon) will really come into play this year as I will be scrambling to get library work done , and also plan activities for Keyboarding.( which is not a full year course - but I will have students all year.
  Does ANYONE else have keyboarding? What do you use? How do you set it up?? As you can tell I am not happy! Please let me know what you do for keyboarding if you have to do it also.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Library September Bulletin Boards for Your Library

  Yes I know many of  you are back in school already and probably have your "Welcome back" bulletin boards already up. We go back on 9/4 and the students come for the first day on the 5th.  My beginning slogan is " Port Where Raiders are Readers!" ( Our mascot is the raiders)
  Then  a little later in the month I will put up something like the following:

Fall in Love with Reading

Leaf though a Good Book

Fall in love with  your library

Rake in a good read

Welcome Back - The books missed you!

All of these can be done with a simple background,  a tree, and some leaves!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New Circulation Desk!

     At the middle school library, we finally have a real circulation desk! We have been trying to get one for  9 years!  My Dept chair had asked for one for 6 years and  I asked for one for two years.. She had it all priced out , and it would have only been $2,500.00 the first year. But it never happened.
    BUT since the elementary school libraries were getting all redone and NEW furniture we got the "old" circulation desk,( which is probably maybe 10 years old).
    So here it is!  I am so excited!! Keep in mind , these are  just put in - need to fix up and put posters up , so I will show a really after picture soon!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Special sale on The Organized Librarian!

  The book is here !! Check  out the order page  for details!!  If you follow me on this blog , you will be in the drawing for one of my proof books! So  follow me on the one of my posts to be in.
  Check out the page for other ordering details!!  It came out very well I thought.

The Button War- Book Review