Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Quotes about Libraries!

I love to search out quotes about books and libraries.  Here  are just a few of my favorites!

 "Books are the mirrors of the Soul." V Woof

 " A library doesn't need windows, a library is a window." Steward Brand

 "We may sit in our library and yet be in all the quarters of the earth." John Lubback

  " Libraries change lives for the better." Sidney Sheldon

   " When in doubt, go to the library." ( Ron) J.K.Rowling

  "A library could show you everything, if you know where to look" Pat Conroy

   'There's a magical place, called a library." Moria Fowley Doyle

   " All that is necessary for a student is access to a library." Thomas Jefferson

    So what do I do with these? I might add them to my signature line in my emails. ( I like to change mine a lot).  I make up posters with the sayings and fit them on the walls of the library  or in the stacks and in the halls at different spots.   Sometimes I put them on information sheets or work sheets for both students and teachers.  I might include them in my monthly newsletter.  And then I change them whenever I come with more library/ book quotes!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

A Book and A hug- Great site

   This is a great site  ( A book and a hug) . If  you haven't seen this site yet , check it out. I think you will be impressed. I only just discovered it and I am loving it!
    First of all you can search for books to read  by author , title and  Everything! There is also an advanced search tab- like category, reading/ age level, and reader personality type and other additional options.
  Students can take a reader personality type to determine what type of reader they are. There are basic and advanced tests.
   Up at the top there are tabs: Books by category, read alouds, authors, lesson plans and a blog. Barbara Langridge  is the creator of the site. She is also a speakers about books and librarians. Barb was a former librarians and book store owner , so she has the experience of a book lover. Her goal is to create readers, and connect students with books.
  At the bottom of the site, there are more links. My favorite is the " If you liked, then you'll like" a great tool for students!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Library Bulletin Boards for January

What bulletin boards will I put up in January? I always try to think ahead and get ready for the next month.  I didn't this time. So here are some ideas that I have used or thought of to use in January.
    Let's read til we get snowed under-  snowflakes with book titles in the center. Blue sky in background. Bottom can be a silhouette of the town or school building.

   Sink into winter reading-  student/ teacher in a cozy chair reading, book jackets surrounded the chair.

   Hibernate with a good book- bears reading ( in a cave or in the snow)

  "READBOX"-  a redbox( movie rental)  with titles around that align with popular movies

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Collaboration or plain old help

  Classroom and special area teacher have hard jobs.  You may know this is you were formally a teacher. I myself was only educated to be a librarian, but I did turn into a teacher for a few years when I taught at a Catholic school.
  Anyway m if you provide extra help to your teachers , they will think you are a rock star! So how can you help them?
  If they need an extras set of eyes, ears, or hands when they are doing an activity or perhaps when they are using computers or laptop , your' in!  Maybe they need a few quick copies if  you have a printer in your space. Do they need a larger area/ work space for their students when they are doing a project based learning activity? Do they need an extra set of hands when they are doing a breakout box or a maker space activity? If you make yourself and your space available you become a partner in the classroom learning.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

True Collaboration

 So far I have written about  ways for us librarians to introduce our teachers to true collaboration. As you know collaboration is when the librarian and teacher work together to develop  units and lessons that bring our resources into the teachers curriculum.  Librarians are the rock stars here when this happens . The students benefit  in their leaning .

  By working with teachers , and helping develop project based lessons or research unites or inquiry units, the librarian brings the 21st learning skills into play. More and more the student needs these skills to keep up with the expanding information. The databases , online resources  and other  library sources are continually updated with the expanding information.

 When you as librarian collaborate with just one teacher, more will follow when they see how the students are learning , and the teachers are getting a helping hand as the librarian partners with the staff,

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Collaboration - Online Resources

   School librarians can also collaborate with teachers by promoting and teaching about the databases and pathfinders. The databases and online resources are usually tailored to specific grade and reading levels for ease of use  by the students.
  Librarians need to be available to instruct students and teachers how to locate where the databases are, include the log in and passwords if necessary, and then teach how to best use them.
  Librarians can collect ( curate) pathfinders for specific classes and students. A pathfinder is just a collection of reliable websites for students to use.  You can use Destiny to do this also.  Students then can then work closely with students and teachers in the use of these online resources.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

December Bulletin Boards

Some ideas for you!

  December Bulletin Boards

 Seasons Readings - Put a wreath in the middle with students favorites all around. I use scanned covers.

 LOL- Place large letters in the center, Place names or covers of books jokes and riddles.

 Mittens-  make large mittens out of construction paper, Have students write their favorite books on the mitten. Slogan: Keep Warm With Great Books

 Battle of the Books: Place  photos of teams on the board with Team names and date of competition.

Books Are Gifts You Give Yourselves.

Quotes about Libraries!