Tuesday, January 12, 2021

JeopardyLabs- great tool for library & classroom

  You are going to LOVE JeopardyLabs!  The site was created by Matt Johnson, while working on his undergraduate degree at Washington State University, Vancouver. 

  JeopardyLabs makes it easy to create jeopardy games to use with your students. Building one is easy with the template provided. The games can be played online and students will love them!!

  If you don’t want to create your own, you search for games made by others. There are over 2 million games on jeopardylabs. You can also  keep track of points during play, add more than 3 teams if needed, and edit the games to fit your specific needs.

  This is a really useful tool for review, or post/pre testing of  skills, vocabulary, or topics.

  If you go to the site and search for library skills, reading skills, or literature you will find many games that will be useful for you and your students.












Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Online sources for Internet safety

 If you are looking for additional information and activities for student online safely, here are some links to check out . Parents, teachers, and librarians can use the information to 

 FBI Inerent safety-Information ,games, activities for students and teachers to promote on line safety


 US Department of Justice-  Links that lead to information for teachers and parents




Consumer Information  look under Privacy,Identity &o nline security for resources


U.S. Dept of Education-

Ways to keep students safe online


Homeland Security

Resources to keep students safe when at  home


Sunday, December 27, 2020

Library /Reading Bulletin boards for January!

  Here are some ideas that I have used in January for displays and bulletin boards

    Let's read til we get snowed unde
r-  snowflakes with book titles in the center. Blue sky in background. Bottom can be a silhouette of the town or school building.

   Sink into winter reading-  student/ teacher in a cozy chair reading, book jackets surrounded the chair.

   Hibernate with a good book- bears reading ( in a cave or in the snow)

  "READBOX"-  a redbox( movie rental box)  with titles around that align with popular books that have been made into movies.

   Snow's the time to read - Make large snowflakes, place  blue titles in the center- These can be put all around the shelves and walls in the library, by the computers, on the tables, ect.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Books For Snowy Days~

  I have some books I like to read during the winter months- Some our old favorites and some a little newer!

  1) The Snowy Day/ Keats. This is a classic . Peter goes out into the snowy day and explores his neighborhood. When he is cold and tired , he goes home and his Mama warms him up with dry clothes and hot chocolate.


2) The Snow Man / Briggs. Thin is a wordless picture book that the young students love to study the pictures and tell the story

3) Bear can't Sleep/ Wilson. All of Wilson's books are excellent. This one , Bear is having trouble going to sleep for winter!

Bear Can't Sleep by Karma Wilson

4.Katy and the Big Snow/ Burton- What can I say? Students love to hear the story about Katy. The illustrations can be explored over and over.

5. Christmas at Long Pond/ George. This is another of my favorites to read. The illustrations are rich and the story is a simple one about going to cut down a Christmas tree.

Monday, December 14, 2020

The Girl Who Lived in a Shoe- Book Review

 The Girl who Lived in a Shoe ( and other torn up Tales) is an independently publication written by a group of authors. ( L Smith,  B. Seward, M. Rietz, J. Quist  , & B. Warren) They are actually a writer's group who collaborated to produce this body of work.

   The book is written at a 2nd / 3 rd grade reading level. But it could be used with other grades also. The stories are updated and fractured for the 21st century. Students will love them!! 

   Each author  takes a fairy tale and makes it her own. The stories are geared for today's students  and beyond. Each story is catchy and invites student discussion and engagement.

 My personal favorite story is Rita Van Winkle ( Loreley Smith) and Tara and the Wolf ( Jesse Quist). They are fractured but still retain enough of the original story.  They have updated and unique items incorporated into the stories.

 The illustrations are also unique.. The authors used torn paper to build the illustrations which are extremely well done and very appropriate. On the verso, they also provide a link for free printable activities and information about creating  your own torn up tales, which is great in these times of virtual lessons/

 The book can be found on Amazon. This would be a great addition when you are introducing fairy tales and fractured fairy takes to students . It can be used for 2 and 3rd grades , which is when I introduce both, But I can also see it used in the upper grades!  It would work well  up to Middle school and could be a story starers  for student writers to produce their own , just to analyze differences and similarities , or just enjoy!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Librarians- 5 things to do in December

These are a few things I think are good to do during the month of December.
1) Thank/ show appreciation for your staff/ volunteers/ student helpers. You have made this far in then year with a little help from your "friends".  So give a small gift or card. When I had lots  of volunteers ( and a little paid staff) I held a volunteer "tea"  with cold drinks and homemade fruit breads. Do a little speech about how much you appreciate their help and then socialize!

2) Touch base with your administration, especially if  you do not get chances to update them on what is going on in the Library Media Center. I always did a monthly report ( more on that in The Organized Librarian) but I found that most of the time , the report was just filed and not really read.So catch up with them and maker them aware of all you are doing.

3) Check your supplies to see if something is needed.Do this especially if your budget funds must be spent before the end of the year. Order what you need or are low on,

4)  Many times ,this is a slow time of year, when students and staff are winding down for holidays and vacations, Send out some PR  and remind then of how you can help them with resources, activities and lessons.

5) Planning time- if your patrons/ students/ teachers  have few demands, use your time to prepare for January and the rest of the year, Check journals, online resources, and blogs for some new ideas that will draw interest in useing the library and all its resrouces.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Library bulletin boards for December

    December is almost around the corner so it is time to start thinking of new bulletin boards. I like to plan ahead so I start now to figure out what I will put up.  I usually keep my bulletin boards from year to year, So many times I can just pull on out  and put it up. I do not put the same one up each year- I alternate.

  December Bulletin Boards Slogans

Seasons Readings - Put a wreath in the middle with students favorites all around. I use scanned covers.

LOL- Place large letters in the center, Place names or covers of books jokes and riddles.

 Mittens-  make large mittens out of construction paper, Have students write their favorite books on the mitten. Slogan: Keep Warm With Great Books

Battle of the Books: Place  photos of teams on the board with Team names and date of competition.

Books Are Gifts You Give Yourselves.