Thursday, July 26, 2012

What we need for our students !( And teachers!)

        Think about our students today- they have grown up with computers and  have always had cell phones. For the most part they are online everyday - whether phone, table, cell phone. They create and participate online every day.  Students are Digital Natives
         As educators we need to prepare students ( and teachers)  in  the Digital Revolution  and teach students how to use technology safely and effectively. As librarians we are the leaders in our school who can do that. We are the ones that have been trained  in the Web 2.0 tools .
   With Web 2.0 tools there are many free sites that allow the user to interact with technology to create information products that can be shared with classmate and the world at large.  Starting next week I will begin to  highlight some of the easiest ones ( and free)  to use with students . These tools help student make learning come alive. They engage the student and make learning fun and exciting. Most  students love to work with technology.  Sign up and follow so you don't miss one of the free tools.!!

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