Friday, October 19, 2012

Technology tools and October Giveaway

         Another fun technology tool for students is Blabberize. Students can actually make a picture or photo talk. It could be an original picture that the student creates, or a  photo of a person, an animal, a place , or an an object.   When a public domain photo is chosen , don't forget to cite the source of the photo. ( this is a great place to teach about  citing  source of photos.)

        The account set up is free, quick , and easy. Teachers and librarians can create account for their class. Multiple students can be logged in under on account.   A blabber photo must be completed before saving. You can embedd the blabber on your web page - go to Share it.
         Monitor students as they work. When you are done  you may want to change the passwords.
How can you use this?  In many ways- but the most obvious are  having students tell digital stories from original art work. Also they could do reports on animals  or famous people.  When you check out the website  you may get even more ideas.

     Don't forget my October Giveaway-  Library Life Savers- Leave a comment or join the Organized librarian to be edible to win!!

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