Monday, April 8, 2013

Maintaining your Library Collection

         Now that you have your collection policy written, it is time ro trhink about how you will preserve and maintain your collecgtion.
         Proper care of the collection is necessary to prolong  the value of your collection.  We want to save our books and materials from deteroriation., Duting and cleaning books and shelves  should be carried out on a routine basis.
       Avoid having collections stored in damp places. Either remove or provide dehumidifying measures to keep books from being damaged.
          Collections that are small and heavily used are much easier to maintain. When books and material are circulated frequently , there is easy access to keeping them dust free and shelves cleaned.   If you have a collection that is not ciruclated as mucn, devised a dusting, cleaning, shifiting schedule to keep you books in good shape.

Book Repair
          Most libraries do their own repair. Some send them out depending on the severity of the repair neeced.  Keep you eye out for simple repairs that can help matian the material.. I keep a" hostipal box" close to the circ desk where I place books that need soemthing done.  Depending on what is in the box, I spend time each week  fixing each book so it can go back to the shelves.
        More severe jobs I set aside to see if it warrants a repair or a replacement.

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